The Raven King

The_Raven_King_Cover_OfficialNothing living is safe. Nothing dead is to be trusted.

For years, Gansey has been on a quest to find a lost king. One by one, he’s drawn others into this quest: Ronan, who steals from dreams; Adam, whose life is no longer his own; Noah, whose life is no longer a lie; and Blue, who loves Gansey… and is certain she is destined to kill him.

Now the endgame has begun. Dreams and nightmares are converging. Love and loss are inseparable. And the quest refuses to be pinned to a path. 

So, this book. It was good. But it wasn’t some of Stiefvater’s best work. For me at least. I mean, man was it intense and heart-wrenching and almost everything I needed it to be but the ending… Well the ending just lacked the pizzazz I was needing, wanting, searching high and low for. It just wasn’t there and I really needed it to be. And that makes me sad okay, like really really sad. More sad than the Big Event (if you understand what I am talking about then noice, if not and you’ve read the book then you can ask – or if you don’t plan on reading the book, look you can just ask and I will probably tell you – okay?) and I was very sad about that.

Here is my review from when I finished it – I’ve edited it slightly so that it is readable and so that it makes sense:

This was ridiculously good. Like seriously, how is this so good? I want answers, and another story about them. Like now. Right now. Just this instance would be good. I could live with that. I recognise that it took me over a month for me to read but that was my own fault and definitely had nothing to do with the writing. The writing was too good for words fam. Like seriously. Too Good. It was all kinds of good. Especially that bit at the end with Gansey and Blue. That made me cry. And it was worth it. The entire book was worth it. The entire series was worth it. Maggie Stiefvater is worth it all the time. I would read her shopping lists, this is how good she is. 10/10 would read again and I reccomend this to fans of her and to fans of YA that doesn’t rely heavily on romance but does rely heavily on awesomeness. Sure romance is quite a major part but it’s super downplayed and definitely doesn’t feel forced, unlike other books *cough* maze runner *cough*. Seriously tho, READ THIS.

That will be all,
thank you.

Update: 7/7/16:

What about Noah? What about to the smol child? I need to know?!?!? NOAH??

But now that I have had time to think about it and I am no longer floating from that I Just Finished a Book high – you know the one I’m talking about, don’t pretend not to – here is my current opinion, and if you don’t want that then you can have the opinion stated above, k? And for the context about my opinion of the Maze Runner:  my opinion of the Maze Runner is very very very low. Like srsly, soooo low it’s almost off the scale – and on this occasion the film is hella good and 100x better than the book…

Right, yes. The review. Yes. The Update shows one loose end that I may have just missed, but WHAT ABOUT NOAH??? What happened to my smol scary child? Is he still around? Is he gone? WHAT HAPPENED TO HIM STIEFVATER?? WHERE IS HE?? And what about the Grey Man? Was his venture successful? I have so many questions and it’s not fair that they are unanswered! I just want so many answers *falls to the floor sobbing*!

I set out really wanting to love this book but I ultimately in the end couldn’t add it to my pile of One True Love books. And I am sad about this (incase you hadn’t guessed by now I am saddened greatly by the fact that I didn’t love this book more). There was so much in there that made it so easy to love, Adam and Ronan for example – what’s their ship name, I have no idea, I’m gonna go and find out. Apparently it’s Pynch, that sounds hella kinky but that might just be me…? – they were hella cute and it felt right between them. And easy and not forced at all. I feel like that’s where Stiefvater specialises but that might just be me? All of her relationships just do not feel forced and I love that. There was clear boundaries between all of the couples and none of them gave into what their other half wanted with out laying out rules and just respecting themselves in general. And that is such a good example to set so thank you Stiefvater. This can even be said for the Greenmantle’s. Heck. Do not get me started on the Greenmantle’s. I really loved them as characters they were just so perfectly written. Like yaas son. Gettit. Piper was such a peice of work, like fam. I feel sorry for her husband and her father. There is no way in hell that I could have dealt with her for all those years and not tried to kill her on multiple occasions. Of course I wouldn’t have made it past the first attempt without being actually killed myself. She really wasn’t a Mary Sue or a Special Snowflake and there was no way in hell that she could have been replaced by a lamp. The same goes for all the ladies as 300 Foxway. Each and everyone of them had their own role to play and I love that so much! The same goes for all the characters actually, no one was in there as a filler. That is something else that I love about Stiefvaters writing. No one is unnecessary and I love her for that so much.

I really enjoyed how this one, being the last in the series gave the majority of the characters a chapter with their own P.O.V. I just feel like it added so much to the book. It allowed us to see how each of these characters was reacting to the events and how it was affecting them. That just means so much to me. Like srsly. My son Adam. I am so glad that we got his P.O.V and that it was for more than a couple of chapters. A lot of the goings on were affecting him in the majority and if we hadn’t had the chance to see how he was dealing with the happenings then it would have just taken so much out of the book. Especially when we were seeing how the demon was affecting Cabeswater. If we hadn’t had it first hand from Adam then it would have just lost he oomph and the overall effect.

Talking about this book losing its overall effect, lets talk about the ending. Now this is where the majority of my issues with this book stemmed from. It felt way too harried. I felt like I was being politely yet passively aggressively encouraged out of the door by a shop keeper wanting to go home right. this. second. And I neither want nor ask for this in a book thank you very much. No matter how good the plot is or how well the characters are developed in the end it all comes down to how the author ends the book, especially if it’s the last book in a series. It felt forced. It felt like it had realised it had missed its cue and was now trying to make up for it by using the fun old skill of improv. It didn’t work, it fell flat on its face and I was too disappointed to laugh. I felt like my child was in a talent show and said child was being hurried off of the stage by other contestants and thus was hurrying up and taking way too long about it. You get the idea. I was disappointed as heck. But I know that in the end everything will be fine and Stiefvater will make her next book spectacular and exactly what we’ve all been looking for. I have no doubts in this.

And onto my finishing remarks: this book was excellently written with a great plot and awesomely developed characters. The ending was just super disappointing and one of the vents in the book made me question why the series had even been written. In a way she pulled a Veronica Roth on us and I am in no way okay with that.

My initial rating was 5/5 stars (I still haven’t worked out how to get actual stars yet okay, don’t judge me please), but my new rating is probably going to have to be 3.5/5 due to the issues mentioned above. I am as sad about this as you are probably. And if you aren’t sad then what are you even doing here friend? Are you lost? Can I help you find where you need to be?

Thanks for reading mates and happy reading to you all.


6 thoughts on “The Raven King

        1. That’s exactly what I feel – in case you didn’t guess – it just felt like there was no thought put into it and that kind of let the whole book down in the end

        2. Precisely! You’re so good at spotting these things and we thought it was interesting how you places your initial thoughts in this review too. Really showed how time away from a book can change your perception on it!

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