Definitely Dead

definetly dead



Sookie’s cousin Hadley – a consort of a New Orleans’ vampire queen – has died, and she’s left Sookie an inheritance. But the heirloom comes with a bit of a risk, not least because someone doesn’t want Sookie digging too deep into Hadley’s past – or her possessions.

What I really love about this series is how quick the books are to read, and how fun they are too. They deal with a lot of serious issue’s such as racism, homophobia, sexism etc and they are such a good way to do that. Not only do they do that, but Sookie is a very real, very believable character. She worries about realisitic things eg. not getting fired, not getting killed, whether or not the guy she might sleep with has ulterior motives… you get the idea. Also I really want to scream this from the rooftops: she has a period!!! Do you know how often this doesn’t happen in a book series, currently from the top of my head I can name only 2 book series that even just briefly mention periods and I have read a heck of a lot of books fam: the series are Twilight and Throne of Glass, maybe even A Court of Thorns and Roses if I remember rightly which would make it 3 and that is rediculous! How is this so much of a stigma that a natural process isn’t even brought into realistic consideration by an author. Sorry I am very angry and bitter about this as a human being, it just infuriates me to no extent.

Now. This is the sixth book in a series so I do feel a bit ridiculous writing a review about it so early on in my blogging career but I hope that you will forgive me. Please? Thank you (I’m going to assume you did). I will give you a brief overview in case you haven’t read any of the other books: first things first, all the books have the word Death in the title, that’s pretty cool right? Right. Anyway the series is about vampires and is were the TV series Tru Blood started out. Anyway that spun off in a different direction but still turned out pretty dope. Moving on, the main character is Sookie Stackhouse who is a telepath and also pretty damn cool. Like the majority of the vampires who meet her respect her even the smallest amount which is hella unusual so thats hella rad for Sookie. It’s set in a town called Bon Temps in Louisiana. It’s pretty  cool and where the majority of the drama happens. There have been some eventful events and Sookie has gotten with a few vamps and now a were-tiger. The magic system is pretty damn rad, but also hella confusing so you’ll have to read the series to find out more. I hope that was enough catching up for you, because it is back to the review:

First of all I’d like to say that these book covers are pretty as hell and I think they might be some of my favourite book covers ever – but don’t let the other books here me saying that, there’d be a mutiny and I couldn’t deal with that okay? Second of all I’d like to say that even for a Sookie Stackhouse novel this book was pretty damn eventful. Like srsly gurl, I am so happy I do not live your life. I’m quite happy being nerdy and free of assassination attempts thank you very much. In this book we yet again get to see just how resilient Sookie is and just how well she can deal with problems that come her way. We see her recover from a house fire, hearing about her brother’s fiance’s miscarriage and an attempt on her life. Unfortunately we also learn some pretty devastating news, it’s especially devastating if your a fan of the one and only Bill Compton. I never really was – at least not to the same extent that I’m a fan of Rhysand Largewingspan Batty McBatface (I may have taken a bit of liberty with his surname…) – he always seemed a bit off to me and I can sadly say I was right on the non-existent money.

We also learn about the Queen of Louisiana a bit more and I am just going to tell you this: her real name is not Sophie-Anne but Judith. Just let that one sink in a moment. Moving swiftly on we also learned why Sookie was so attractive to ‘supes’ (otherwise known as supernaturals) and so unattractive to regular everyday humans. And I am not gonna lie it makes a smidge of sense. But it was shocking when we found out. Like damn gurl, even I wa surprised and the last time I was surprised by a plot twist was when Tamlin turned out to be such a major asswipe. I’m sorry, but I just love that series so damn much, okay?

I am going to stop this review here and just say that this book series is great and people should read it. Whilst the first book may be a tad hard to read due to Sookie sounding like she thinks she’s the greatest thing since sliced bread, but that swiftly changes as Sookie’s character arc turns her into someone very likable and relate-able. In general Sookie just knows how to deal with things well and I love that about her, she is adulting like a pro.

I give this book 5/5 stars (I just don’t know how to make actual stars appear, please don’t judge me okay?) because it has more than one plot running through it and because Sookie is hella believable and I am about that life.

Thanks for reading and happy reading! Chloe.


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