I Might Not Be Able To Keep Up

Tl;dr – I’m going to try and keep up with the current posting schedule but I can’t promise anything due to GCSE’s and the stress and busyness that they cause. Please be kind to me because I am trying, but like I said, I cannot promise anything. And thank you for reading and liking my reviews!


So I set myself a pretty impossible task with this blog’s schedule considering the fact that I am in my GCSE year. Which means that the schedge may change a smidgen. I am going to try my hardest to make sure that I get one post up a week but I am not going to promise anything so please don’t be hard on me if I don’t manage it. Please be considerate of the fact that the exams that I will be taking later this school year are pretty key to my future so I will be putting pretty much 100% of my effort into them because I need them to do what I want with my life. So if I don’t get two, or even one posts up a week then I am sorry but needs must. The schedule will be changing in the new year anyway so this can be a nice way of easing into it. I also want to thank everyone who read(s), liked, or commented on one or more of my reviews I really appreciate it and whenever I see that someone has read/enjoyed one of my reviews it warms my heart and boosts my confidence in myself so thank you a million times. Thank you.

With all of the appreciation to give,

Chloe đŸ™‚


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