The Crown

the-crown-goodreads-coverWhen Eadlyn became the first princess of Illéa to hold her own Selection, she didn’t think she would fall in love with any of her thirty-five suitors. She spent the first few weeks of the competition counting down the days until she could send them all home. But as events at the palace force Eadlyn even further into the spotlight, she realizes that she might not be content remaining alone.

Eadlyn still isn’t sure she’ll find the fairytale ending her parents did twenty years ago. But sometimes the heart has a way of surprising you…and soon Eadlyn must make a choice that feels more impossible—and more important—than she ever imagined.

Oh buddy. Oh man. That was certainly something. It was so adorably sickening, I love it. No joke this was one of the greatest, most cute books that I think I have ever read. I have always loved this series for the powerful women but I think this book had the greatest display of one that I have read in awhile. Eadlyn knows who she wants – which actually totally blind sided me, like no joke – and what she wants and how to get it. I also really loved how she finally came to terms with Josie and that she dealt with that relationship in a mature and thoughtful manner. This is possibly one of the greatest books that I have read all year and that I might ever read. Woo! Strong women who aren’t lamps!

Honestly Eadlyn is so inspiring to me. I relate with dealing with how to relate to other people in a way that doesn’t come off as cold. It’s difficult and often painful so the way that Cass captured it so beautifully means so much to me. She managed to get Eadlyn to come off not as the cold-hearted bitch that women like that are often portrayed as and instead as the conflicted young woman she actually was. Sure the way that she dealt with the very first elimination was pretty awful but she was still learning and to this (hypothetical) day she still is. That whole thing at the end of the previous book was horrific and she dealt with it exactly how one would expect someone in that situation to. With grace and yet also not allowing the media to change everyone’s perception of her unless it was true – I really hope that that makes sense.

Kile was a sweetheart and I am really glad that Eadlyn didn’t allow him to not go after his heart and do what he wanted. I think that’s one of the best things she could have done, ever. Although I am kinda sad they didn’t end up together. I mean they were totally the obvious couple, but even so… I was still rooting for them. Don’t judge me okay. I am definitely okay about her and Eikko getting together because I think that that is just the gosh darn cutest thing I have ever seen in my entire life. They are both so innocent I just love them both so much!

Eadlyn’s parents are the greatest! Her brother’s not so much. Well maybe just Ahren. The other two are great. I would kill to have brother’s like that anyday, but sadly I am stuck with my none brothers, the same goes for sisters too. I have none sisters.  I think that what I am trying to get at is that I am an only child, but enough about me. Because of that I think I loved this book series even more. Sibling’s just do it for me okay, but not in a weird incesty way. Don’t ever think that. Thank you.

This book is just so inspiring as is the entire series really. I really love the message that these last two books in particular have had. I mean they are just so awesome in that Eadlyn literally said on more than one occasion ‘I can like flowers and still rule a country’ and if that’s not hella inspiring then I frankly don’t know what is. Seriously.

This book is obviously going to have 5/5 stars because I can’t even imagine giving it any less. I actually want to thank Cass for writing this series because I think that something would have been missing from my life had I not had the chance to read it. So, thank you for this gift.

I hope you find your own gifts of books,



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