It has been decided…

…that November will be the month of prompts and the like. Due to Nanowrimo being such a bitch – a good bitch tho, not a bad bitch – I have decided that to lower the amount of stress placed upon my weak shoulders – I mean I’m not exactly Atlas here guys – I shall only be doing easy things that don’t take a week to finish and then review. Not that I am shading books, I’m just saying that this will be much more enjoyable and friendly! And so the prompt – for this week – shall be: Beautiful Books for November! Here is the link if you too want to do it!

Now, I understand that this is a Thursday post but I thought that I would treat you all as it is such a mix up from usual, so here is an unscheduled treat that even I didn’t know about until recently!

It’s not too late to sign up to NaNo, I will leave the link here. I would encourage you to do it as it is a wild time that is both enjoyable and terrifying. Now if that didn’t sell it to you, then frankly I don’t know what will!

Happy reading and if you are doing NaNo then happy writing!



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