Pretty Pictures?


It feels like lately all I am doing is apologising to you for being behind on where I said I would be, but unfortunately that is all I can do at the moment due to the fact that I have nothing to give you content wise. unless of course you want some pretty pictures or something? But seriously, I am sorry and I will try to get something to you ASAP. I just need to finish a book first, obviously. I think I want to blame Frozen for my reading slump. Whilst I did manage to read the beauty that was A Torch Against The Night ,that was before I took part in NaNo and I did force myself to just sit and read it on the way home in the back of the car one day. That was a good day, #noregrats. I also blame NaNo, but you aren’t here to read some excuses. No. You are here to find out when I will be updating again. And the answer to that is hopefully next week. I have geography and drama coursework that needs to be finished ASAP as they both play a huge part in my overall grades so I need to do good, especially on the geography (don’t tell anybody but I think that I might just get and A*, shh don’t let anyone know. I don’t want to jinx it…). So yeah, once that is done I should hopefully be able to force myself out of this slump and give you two reviews in one. I’m gonna give you spoilers and also apologise further, because one of them will be Jeckyll and Hyde because of school and I need to re-read it so this will give me the perfect excuse and help me in the long run with it – I gotta do well fam – and the second book is going to be All Together Dead because I am honestly enjoying it so much and I need to write about what I enjoyed otherwise I am going to get sad.

So this ended up being longer than I wanted it to be and as it is past my bedtime I will be ending this here. I hope that you don’t mind this more of a vloggy blog post thing if that even makes any sense. I know that I said I wouldn’t apologise for doing what was best for me, but I feel guilty because in making this blog and updating as frequently as I did in the beginning feels to me like I made a promise to you and now I am breaking it by doing what I am doing. But sadly I have no choice due to the human that I am. Just be proud that I made it this far – you should see my very first baby blog. It isn’t pretty.  Anyway.

Goodnight/day/evening/morning wherever you are and remember to live your life for yourself and not for anybody else. Do something you can be proud of in five minutes, not just in five years.



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