There’s a lot of death here…

This blog post will feature two books to make up for my lack of presence. Now, you might be wondering “Why not just do them in two separate posts Chloe?” and whilst that would make sense, this also makes sense. You see, I don’t have a lot to say about either book and I figured, why not make a slightly longer than usual post rather than two super short ones? Also, I really just wanted to try my hand at using a collage maker and making a cover picture for this rather than stealing off of goodreads. Do you feel me?

Now onto the reviews! I present you with…

All Together Dead

all-together-dead-goodreads-coverBetrayed by her longtime vampire love, and with a new man – a shapeshifter – in her life, Sookie’s got quite enough to deal with without having to contend with the long-awaited vampire summit.

We are going to start with All Together Dead because I really enjoyed it and it is the first one that I finished. So, I am going to be straight with you here and tell you that in reality it is the first book that I have finished since A Torch Against The Night (or if you count comics the first Ms. Marvel one – which was hella good. I would highly reccomend it), but we aren’t here to talk about that book as it got it’s own review back when I read it. But the fact that the last time I finished a fully fledged novel of a decent length was in October is heartbreaking to me and it has seriously affected my ability to write after NaNo ended – which I won tbh, not sure if I told anyone (check this post out) – and I hate that. So I come to you, in this new year with nay, not one, but two books to review. Yes one of them is for school but that can be discussed when we get there. Right now I have to remember how to review a book and hope that I do a decent job of it. I should probably let you know that I have the lurgy so if this doesn’t make a whole lotta sense then you can blame my fever for it.

So, into this book. This book was pretty good if I do say so myself (putting it like that makes it seem as if I wrote it, but I can assure you that that is not the case bud. Not the case at all). I really enjoyed it and it seems as if this series is going from strength to strength. Sookie is becoming more developed as both person and character and she is learning to stand up for herself. Bill apologised for what he did to her and whilst she was understandably angry at him she eventually allowed herself to realise that while she didn’t have to forgive him she could talk to him like a person again which was good. I use person in the loosest sense, seen as he is a vampire and all.

I really love the drama that happens in this series, both realistic and hella unrealistic. I mean some of the stuff you would expect to happen because that’s what humans would probably do in that situation, but the other stuff? Damn, if that is what happens then honestly I think I might move to a different planet because frankly? No.

The plot was super gripping and dramatic and I really enjoyed learning more about the vampire’s world and how they all function together when in a large group. What is also cool is seeing how they use humans and stuff like that to ensure their security when they are pretty much unkillable aside from stakes, beheading and the sun.

The whole True Blood world really interests me, as in fact does all fantasy worlds, but especially ones that sit right on top of our own. I don’t think I have much else to say about this book – I feel like the farther into a series you go the less you have to say about it because you have covered it all before. I would give this book a solid 5/5 because frankly I cannot find anything to displease me about this book.

Thank you for reading and now the next one:

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

jekyll-and-hyde-goodreads-cover The story of respectable Dr Jekyll’s strange association with ‘damnable young man’ Edward Hyde; the hunt through fog-bound London for a killer; and the final revelation of Hyde’s true identity is a chilling exploration of humanity’s basest capacity for evil.

I am being forced to read this book for my GCSE’s and whilst I am not totally mad about that, I am mad about the fact that I will have to memorise about 80 quotes and read it about 3 trillion times. I really wish I was exaggerating about this but because of Mr Gove I am not. I don’t think I have ever hated one person more in my short life. But enough about my irritation (that sounds like I have a weird rash – I’m gonna roll with it) and more about this decent book.

The book opens with a pretty great hook – after the page of description of Mr Utterson. This man is possibly one of the least curious men on the planet and that annoys me so much. I mean yes, I understand that it is set in the 1800’s but that’s not an excuse. Even his cousin is more curious about things, however he may have been too curious because after being a plot device I am pretty sure that he is not mentioned again.

There is this one thing that really irritates me about this story. Women are only used when it would make zero sense (in that time) for men to be used. I am 100% sure that if it was written in this day and age then there would be legit no women in this entire book at all. That is my only major problem with this book. And how petty Lanyon is. Like geez bro, rest your breasts, you have a difference in opinion on science with the man. He did not kill your mother. Maybe. That’s still up in the air.

This book is a really interesting look at how the human brain works and the lengths that it will go to to feel sane, even if those things eventually lead to you losing your mind. I think that that is why this book has stayed so popular. There are just so many themes to look at, from insanity to multiple personality disorder and the supernatural. This book was a christmas book and I am so glad that it hasn’t stayed that way. If this was recommended reading at christmas I do think that people just wouldn’t read it. If you want christmas nightmares then read this or watch something to do with Krampus. No joke. Me and a friend watched the beginning of a shitty Krampus film and I as up till 4am on the day of christmas trying to get to sleep. Just, don’t do it. Trust me.

After that weird tangent, I think that we should get to the ending remarks. This is a good story and I will rate it 3/5 only because of how sexist Robert Louis Stevenson is. It can’t be helped now, but I can say that it did not please me. Even if you aren’t forced to read this I would reccomend that you do. It is a good story that deserves for you to read it and to form your own opinion of it.


Let me know if this works for you, and if it doesn’t tell me what I can do to keep you entertained. That is my sole purpose in life. Well this and passing my exams.

Have fun and live your dreams,



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