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Woo another Wordbound post! Look at me trying my gosh darn hardest to keep up. The second prompt is A character writes a secret message somewhere and so you will be experiencing my writing for the first time. This is only slightly terrifying, but please keep in mind that I am only a small bean with not a lot of time, I have done my best however and please appreciate that. If you are going to criticise please make it constructive otherwise you can just leave because negativity has no place on this blog unless it is coming from me and is about a piece of work that is fiction (obviously you can disagree with me on reviews but be nice about it is all I ask, I have a lot of feelings and I don’t want them to get hurt. They are all I have in this world.) And so, on to the writing.

I am using the characters from my current manuscript, just to help me stay in the book for the moment, but I had a lot of fun with this one. It helped me to delve a bit into the history between two characters. This is quite a lengthy piece of writing, I will admit that I had quite a bit of fun with it. Cait over at Paper Fury  talks about her writing a lot, and I think that her fondness of killing off characters and just murder in general has rubbed off on me as I have started considering which characters to kill off either as plot devices or just for the hell of it. More often than not it is just for the hell of it. I would highly recommend that you check out her blog – if you have yet to –  in all of it’s wonderful gloriousness because honestly the fact that she can write so much, especially with the speed that she does it, should be an inspiration to us all. And now actually on to the writing:

“Astrid what are you doing? We’ve been looking for you for hours!” Artemus called when he saw her. At least, the girl looked like her, same blond hair and the same dress that she had been wearing when she left the house that morning. Except she didn’t turn around. And she usually did. But he wasn’t going to let that stop him from finding his love this evening. These streets were dangerous at this time of day, what with the sailors heading to the taverns and pubs wanting to have a good night. And well if they saw a helpless woman out alone, then they would make sure she was part of the revelries too. Whether she wanted or not. Which never meant anything good for those women. Not that Astrid couldn’t take care of herself of course, but he still worried.

Artemus reassured himself that it was Astrid up ahead and that once he got to her she would stop playing this joke. It had to be a joke. But still she didn’t turn around, even though he was approaching rapidly and  wasn’t doing anything to mask his footsteps. He reached the woman and discovered that it wasn’t Astrid. He  looked at what she was staring at and discovered a stasis spell on the side of a shop. Thankfully it didn’t work on him. It wasn’t meant to, he could read that much. But it was meant to work on this woman. He looked at her again, searching for something that might give him a clue as to why she in particular was being stopped. Aside from having an eerily similar height and hair colour to Astrid, he couldn’t see anything special about her. He was careful not to pass in front of her in case he broke the spell and there was something that he was meant to find on her. Then he spotted it. There, clutched in her right hand was a folded, scruffy looking piece of paper. He carefully extracted it from her, making sure not to rip it in case it was important or  he had to put it back upon discovering that it was actually her shopping list and she wondered how it had become ripped and why.

Thankfully, it wasn’t her shopping list. No, it was something much more important than that. It was a message meant only for him, in their special cipher that only the two of them could read. It read,

Come meet me by the docks, I have something waiting for you that I think you are going to like. If you haven’t found this before 10pm then let the woman go and meet me in the tavern across the road.

Astrid xx

Thankfully it was before 10pm, so he would get his surprise by the docks. But he thought that he should let the woman go anyway, just in case they forgot about her and she stayed out there all night and froze to death. Or worse. Which wouldn’t be surprising this time of year, especially with the gales that were gusting in off of the docks. And so, with a sigh, he picked the woman up and turned her around so that she was facing the high street. He was sure to quickly let go of her and to move into the shadows lest she see him. Once she had removed herself from the have of the spell she glanced around and then lifted her skirts, scurrying in the direction that Artemus could only assume was home.

He didn’t bother to check to make sure that she was okay before he set off in the opposite direction towards the docks where he hoped that Astrid was still waiting. He began to wonder if she had headed in that direction from the second she left their home or if she had spent the beginning of the day setting up her plan and then waiting for him. It was only 8pm now so he didn’t imagine that she had been there long, she wasn’t the type of person to do a lot of waiting around. Especially now that she had discovered the world of opiates. Maybe she was getting him down there to make a symbolic gesture by throwing all of her equipment into the ocean and saying that she was going to quit? He hoped, but  doubted that very much. She was nothing if not stubborn. Especially about the things that she enjoyed.

He continued thinking about what could be waiting for him as he made his way down to the docks, not really noticing the crowds that passed him by – although they certainly noticed him. He was a fairly big guy, and with his naturally dark skin he got a lot of glances, many of them not so kind. This was a small town that didn’t have many incomers. Especially ones like him. And those that did arrive here were looking for work, unlike the family he was with who just sort of settled and didn’t really interact with the locals. The Debussionne family was a bit of a myth around these parts and Celeste was happy enough to continue that – much to Artemus and Astrid’s dismay who just wanted to live a normal life there. That was why they had moved there after all. Sometimes the hustle and bustle of large cities really got to them all and they just had to move somewhere far away from the urge to murder.

He made it to the docks, it wasn’t a long walk – only 5 minutes or so, but it gave him a lot of time to think. He had just decided something when he arrived and discovered what it was that Astrid had summoned him there for. He couldn’t say that he was happy about it.

And there you have it! As this is the first piece of fiction that I have posted on this blog please don’t be too harsh on me, but obviously critique is welcome as mentioned above. One cannot improve without the help of others. (If you want me to take a look at something of yours then I would be more than happy too) While you may be disappointed to learn that I did not in fact kill off any characters as I hinted above, I can promise you that at least two characters get killed off in my book (#thatpluglife), where the two MC’s used here are from. Sadly I cannot write at the speed that Cait does so I am still working on the same book from last September although as March calms down quite a lot I am hoping that I get it finished by the 31st. As After that I really need to be revising for my exams *hides*.

Well there you have it. The first post of this month and it’s a real treat! Hopefully I should have a review for you real soon as I now have all the time in the world to read – at least it feels like it.



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