I’ve been quiet, too quiet.

And the reason for this is because I am sitting my GCSE’s, basically as I write this. I mean I am 8 exams in of 21 and sat 2 today so, yeah, I am a bit busy at the moment. Although, once I am finished with this set of exams I will have 12 weeks of summer so I will be reading 2 books a week and hopefully uploading that many reviews again. I will also probably be taking part in the June Camp NaNo so I will blog about that as well! This summer is going to be so good and I can’t wait to create all of this content! Just wait.

So, unless something terrible happens to me or someone close to me the plan above will be the one that happens. Yay!

Have fun and good luck with any exams that you are sitting at the moment!

Chloe (on hiatus)


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