Editing is okay?

From what I read on everyone else’s editing experience you would think it was the seventh level of hell, (with mid-series cover changes being the eighth and unnecessary discrimination in fantasy being the ninth) but so far it’s not so bad. Maybe it’s the way I’m going about editing but it’s not too horrendous. Maybe I’ll begin to hate it once I’ve been doing it for a week but so far so good. I honestly expected this to start happening almost instantaneously: donald glover screaming gifBut boy am I glad that’s not the case. So glad. Like I said though, maybe I’ll hit it in a week? Who knows? Not this gal, that’s for sure.

I am 5000 words in and it’s going super well. I really like where it’s going and I can see a direction.  I wrote the first draft scene by scene so this is a nice change – I’ writing it all in one document. I can actually see what I just wrote by simply scrolling up rather than searching through scenes. Everything is connected, my skin has cleared and I feel like a new woman. It’s way more gay than before and I’m loving it. It feels as if it has fallen into place and writing it is so easy. I feel like I just jinxed myself but heck, we’ll find out soon, right?

I’m not sure what else to write about editing as I am such a newbie, so I guess I just gotta say, if you wanna read the first few chapters they are located here. Don’t expect them to be any good though. And I’m sorry about the cover, it’s pretty terrible, I know.



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