I’m Back Baby!

I know I’ve been pretty awful this summer uploading wise, but I should be good from now onwards. I’m going to upload every wednesday (I’m testing this out during September – it could change if this isn’t possible for me to continue), unless there is a pressing reason not to. Like an exam or a test or a shit ton of homework that crept up on me out of nowhere.

In other news I turned 17 on the 2nd and this blog is over a year old (since August 18th). I missed the actual date cause I was busy doing nothing and reading books that aren’t right for this blog. You know how it goes. I also finished my first draft of my current WIP. It came in at 71k! I’m currently working on draft 2, which I hope to complete during NaNo this year. Which I can actually do because I’m not taking the IB!! Instead I’m doing A-Levels. I’m doing Law, Early Modern History and Psychology, so expect non-fiction books to start popping up. Also I had French toast for breakfast (which I made!), so it’s already a pretty good day.

I’m stoked to start uploading on a schedule, although it will probably be difficult to keep up with I will try. I am going to promise that I will do my best to upload once a week every week even if it is difficult. Except maybe Christmas, cause it’s Christmas.

I hope everyone had a lit summer,



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