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How and Why I Write

I was given this task as homework for my Creative Writing Course but I really enjoyed how it turned out so I thought I would share.

I started writing when I was 4 years old. I wrote a story about Tables and Chairs and in my humble opinion it was the greatest thing anybody has ever written. Sadly I lost it. It was found a few years later and much to the benefit of the world I wrote the second story in the series. Then both were lost. I think it was the universe’s way of telling me that the world wasn’t ready for my genius yet. And so I stopped writing.

Then we started writing stories in primary school and I was once again unleashed upon the world. I took every chance I could and wrote pages and pages and pages. My imagination was a bottomless well that I could forever tap into. Until I couldn’t anymore. One day I lost my access to the well and I had to go on a quest to find the key and slay the dragon that guarded the gate. The dragon and I have since become excellent friends (his name is Jeremy) and he frequently allows me access. Not as often as I would like, however, as he’s quite selfish and often leaves me out in the cold to fend for myself while he goes in and admires the beauty of the well and all that grows around it. It is a very beautiful well if I remember correctly.

Thankfully Jeremy allowed me enough access to write a couple of first drafts of novels and he’s letting me take peeks now and then so I can work on the second draft of one of them. It’s a slow process though. Those peeks aren’t really all that useful and I fear that I am going to have to slay Jeremy sooner rather than later. In the meantime however I think I am going to work on his sharing and see if that helps. Dragons really don’t have good manners.

Clearly it is just a short post today, but if you enjoyed it let me know and I might post more like this.



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