Happy Halloween!

I know I managed to only upload once last week, but considering how much work I had to do, that’s an achievement. I hope that everyone has had a spooky Halloween and has got to celebrate how and with who you wanted to. I know I had a wonderful evening, I watched the Nightmare Before Christmas for the very first time with my girlfriend in onesies. Mine is a penguin one and hers is a panda and it’s great. Although, mine has flippers and hers has nothing so I think that mine is just a bit better. But she really doesn’t believe that as she hates my feet with a passion. I don’t know why, I personally think that they are lovely. Well. Not lovely. But not deserving of being hated to that level. It’s just not nice.

NaNoWriMo starts tomorrow and I am psyched. I am super busy and super tired, but I am ready to go. I will be editing last years book, which I know is cheating in every sense, but I need to get it done as I want to be sending it to agents this time next year, so the sooner I can start editing it the better. I know that I already said I was editing, but this time I’m not re-writing, I am actually editing. I was re-writing. and whilst that was working for me, I’m not really feeling it anymore and I want to directly improve the original. And so that is what I shall be doing. Please don’t hate, just understand that I am overworked and over tired and determined to finish this book to the highest level I can. It’s important to me. I really want to succeed and I know that I can do it with this book, so it needs to be as perfect as I can make.

Anyway, I hope that you had a wonderful Halloween and that if you are doing NaNo this year you succeed and get what you need from it.




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