I’m A Terrible Person and We All Know It


So it’s been a while and I haven’t even popped my head in for a quick look. It’s been a hectic month and school has been keeping me more than busy. As has being in a relationship and a death in the family. It’s been enough to prevent me from editing my book. But I did win NaNo, cause I already had 61k written so obviously I was gonna use that. Now that I am feeling less stressed and am ready to be productive again I decided it was time to write and post this. This post also comes with some news.

There’s a chance I may not just be reviewing books here anymore, I might also post a couple of opinion pieces cause I want to get my writing out there. Who knows, I might end up doing that but I do want to also post something’s here too. I am going to send a proposal for a piece to The Guardian at some point but currently I’m just gonna keep writing things, hope I strike gold and post a few of them on here. I just gotta be careful about some of the things that I write cause lord knows I do not want to be going to prison for anything. Or even getting a record. I need a clean record at the moment and so I won’t be posting anything too scandalous. There’s a chance that I won’t follow through with this plan, but just in case I do, I figured that I should give a heads up, in case anyone gets confused.

Now I gotta go do some work so that I don’t fail my January mocks. It’ll soon be the Christmas holidays so hopefully I can upload a couple of times then and not keep on being rude and leaving you all without content .

I wish you all a merry and bright time,





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