The Misconstruing of Feminism

I am a Feminist. In the wrong crowd that could get me attacked. Physically or verbally it doesn’t matter. What does matter is the fact that due to the Feminism of the 70s, this belief set has become so twisted in the public view that even uttering the word Feminism makes you appear insane or as if you think that women deserve more than men. Or in other words, insane. The other option is ‘Feminazi’.

The true version of Feminism is intersectional. And if you don’t know what intersectionality is, here’s the definition:

the oppression and discrimination resulting from the overlap of an individual’s various social identities

I took this definition off the online dictionary. It’s there for anyone with an access to the internet to find.

When you put Intersectionality and Feminism together, you get Intersectional Feminism. It’s also known as Third Wave Feminism. This is the closest we’ve yet to get to true Feminism. It looks at equality for everyone. Not just men and women. But also those of different races, the LGBT+ community, of different religions, weights etc. So many groups are affected by inequality and this version of Feminism is looking at how we can improve and make our society fully equal. “It has moved away from the basics which is rights for women” – Emily Raybould

I understand this can seem daunting to those who are just beginning to look into Feminism and may want to be ‘good’ Feminists. Roxanne Gay puts it so well: “I would rather be a bad feminist than no feminist at all.” The important thing about being a Feminist is respecting everyone, what they have to say, their viewpoint, and understanding what it’s all about. That’s what’s important. Not going to things like the Women’s March that happened January of this year, or looking for ways to go out and shout about Feminism.

All that you have to do is say ‘Yes, I am a Feminist’ if anyone asks and do what you can in your everyday life. From standing up to a man who thinks he knows more than you, to asking someone why they’re judging how someone else is dressing or acting. Feminism at its heart is about making everyone’s life easier by helping others to realize that they can treat others with more respect and not care what others are doing with their lives. However, it’s not about telling people what equality and freedom should look like to them.

Feminazis do the exact opposite of what I’ve outlined above. I’m not going to deny that they exist, because we all know that they do, so there would be no point. Feminazi’s have come out of the toxic age of 70’s Feminism which called for man hating and made women view themselves as better than men. These are the women who want to not be treated as equal, but as better. They view men as worthless and laugh about it. They are a plague on humanity not only for their views, but also for the way that they are getting a platform and actual Feminists are struggling for one.

Feminism is much like communism. It’s similar to communism in that it works perfectly on paper, it’s when people get involved that it starts to mess up. But unlike communism, Feminism can work off of paper just as well as on. We just need people to realize that the best way for us to move forward as a planet and as a people is for everyone to have equal rights. We cannot develop if those who can aid us with that development are hindered by archaic rules and laws.


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