Do No Harm But Take No Shit

“Do no harm but take no shit”

This belief comes in all forms, from lots of different religions – worded differently, but the sentiment is still there – and it has changed my life. This simple concept has allowed me to stop rolling over and letting people use me for my kindness and actually stand up for myself, but in a respectful manner. This phrase is essentially a fancy way of saying treat others how you wish to be treated, except it has the added bit of “but take no shit” and that added bit is really what changed everything. Because before I was allowing people to walk all over me because I wanted to be treated nicely and with respect, but what no one tells you is that for people to actually respect you, you have to push back and not stand for their bullshit and say no when you need to. Ultimately instead of trying to accommodate everyone all the time, you need to be accommodating yourself first and then doing what you can for others. In reality the only person who will be there for you for your entire life is yourself and so you have to treat yourself how you want others to treat you. If you don’t respect yourself you can sure as hell bet no one else is going to. And sadly that’s just how it is.

I was going to make this into a: here’s how  feature, but instead all I am going to say that it takes time to learn how to respect yourself and to actually start respecting yourself, but every second of that journey is worth it and I urge everyone to take it. Because honestly? It is life changing and you will never regret it. Learning to respect yourself goes hand in hand with self-love, so really it’s a two for one deal and you are most definitely winning my friend.


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